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To a short cocktail glass, add the Fireball and bourbon (or whisky). Add the bitters. Then stir. Add a large ice cube to the cocktail glass. Use a vegetable peeler and remove a piece of peel from an orange. Fold it in half, lengthwise, and squeeze it over the top of the drink.

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An easy summer cocktail recipe made with real fruit ingredients. Check out this recipe. Fireball Whiskey Cocktail (Cinnamon, Maple and Apple Cider) - Slow the Cook Down. Cozy up with this delicious Fireball whiskey cocktail that's perfect for fall. With warming flavors of cinnamon, maple syrup and apple cider.

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Spice up your day with a Fireball-spiked lemonade. While this combination may sound odd, the result is a balanced, sweet-yet-spicy drink. While grenadine gives this cocktail its blush hue, a fresh.

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Set aside. In a large mixing bowl, add the room-temperature cream cheese and ground cinnamon. Beat on medium-high speed, using a handheld mixer, for 1-2 minutes or until light and fluffy. Add the vanilla cake mix and one ounce of Fireball whisky to the bowl of beaten cream cheese. Beat for an additional 1-2 minutes.

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Fireball Fondue. This fondue is lit. Get the recipe from Delish. John Komar. Sienna Livermore. Deputy Editor. Sienna is a Deputy Editor at Hearst, where she oversees the commerce team's coverage.

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Instructions. In a rocks glass, muddle the sugar cube, bitters, and a splash of soda water. Add ice, Fireball, and bourbon. Stir to mix. Holding the orange peel with its skin-side down over the drink, squeeze to release the citrus oils into the drink. Drop into the drink skin-side up for garnish.


Fireball Whisky Apple Pie. diyways. An apple pie that stands above all other thanks to the not so secret anymore ingredient of Fireball Whisky. If you are in the market for some of the best Thanksgiving dessert recipes, this fireball pie is a winner. 4. Fireball Whiskey Marshmallows. homemadehooplah.

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Once you try this Fireball caramel sauce recipe, you'll never go back to plain ol' caramel sauce. This is nectar of the gods. Fireball Apple Crisp: Soft baked apples, loaded with cinnamon, and then spiked with cinnamon whiskey, and covered in a brown sugar, butter, and oatmeal streusel. What dreams are made of!

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Try Fireball Cinnamon Whisky recipes with our Recipe Finder. Get Served. No Going Back Now. BACKDRAFT. The pairing you never knew you needed and won't know how you've lived without. GET THE RECIPE . Light the Flame. FIREBALL SMASH. Scene is set - smash the lemons, mint and add fire. That's a happy ending.

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The whiskey is smoky, malty, spicy, and full of cinnamon. Dr. Pepper has 23 flavors that include vanilla, cherry, cola, amaretto, caramel, orange, and spices. So the combo is insanely good! This drink is dark, decadent, and sinfully sweet, with a lovely burn as it goes down. 5. Fireball Cherry Apple Bomb.

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Step 1. Add ice to a Moscow Mule mug. You don't have to have a copper mug, but they are super awesome and once you have them, you will use them all the time. A copper mug helps to keep the drink insulated and cold longer. Of course, you can use them for all kinds of cocktails, not just a whiskey mule.

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Let's be honest, Fireball Whiskey recipes aren't often a staple in a fancy mixologist's playbook—a Moscow Mule it is not. The hot cinnamon whiskey combo is usually the stuff of bets lost, dreams forgotten, and tongues gone numb. But it still has a warm place in the hearts and mouths of the masses. College taught us well.

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For Fireball Cake: In a large bowl, whisk together cake mix, pudding mix, oil, whiskey, water, and eggs. Stir in walnuts. Pour batter into a greased bundt pan. Bake at 325 for 40-50 minutes, or until edges are brown, and a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean.

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In a medium saucepan, whisk together ketchup, red pepper jelly, sugar, cider vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium and simmer for 3 minutes. Add Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and simmer 3 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside. Prepare grill.

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Line a 9 x 9 dish with parchment paper and set aside. Place butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, whiskey, and salt in a 3-quart saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil, then cook until a candy thermometer reads 246 degrees Fahrenheit (firm ball stage). Don't stir, but keep a careful eye on the temperature of the syrup.

34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes Dessert Ideas and Cooking With A Kick

In a large bowl, place the confectioner's sugar. Pour in the fireball whiskey and mix very well with a large whisk. The mixture will look like icing. Next, melt the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 90 seconds at 70 percent power, or until the chips are about three-quarters melted.