Just planted my herb garden...including chives, mint, basil, and

Just planted my herb garden...including chives, mint, basil, and

It comes with your choice of three herb seeds and nutrient enriched expandable soil pellets. The chalkboard labels let you keep track of which seeds are planted in each box. Choose between two seed mixtures: basil, oregano and thyme or cilantro, parsley and chives. Shop Now. 9 / 10. Crate&Barrel.

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1/4 vermiculite or peat moss. 1/4 aged compost or manure. This creates a light, airy soil mixture that provides essential nutrients, easy water absorption, and free-flowing drainage. For perennial pots, it's a good idea to work in some aged compost each spring, and to completely replace the soil every 3 to 4 years.

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Cilantro, also known as coriander, can be used for its tangy leaves or its dried, ground seeds. Plant this annual herb in well-drained soil. Cilantro grows best in sun, although it tolerates some shade. Because it has a long taproot, place it in a container garden that is at least 12 inches deep.

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4. Dig a small hole in the potting mix, making it deep enough to accommodate the roots of your herb plant. Place the plant in the hole, making sure the top of the root ball is level with or slightly above the soil surface. Gently firm the soil around the plant to secure it in place. 5.

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Take the baking tray out of the freezer and use a plastic freezer bag to put the leaves in it. Do this immediately before the leaves with thaw and stick to each other. Take the air out of the plastic bag so the cilantro leaves don't dry out. Store the plastic bag in the freezer and the leaves can last for 2 months.

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Chives. Chives require at least five hours of sunlight per day and moist soil conditions. Don't let the soil dry out in chive containers. This herb needs soil that is rich in organic matter. Hardy in USDA zones 3-10, chives planted in containers can be left outdoors year-round.

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Grow it. Sow salad burnet and red-veined sorrel direct, scattering a pinch of seeds across the damp compost; remove the weakest seedlings to leave plants spaced 10cm apart. Alternatively, buy plants of all three herbs. All these herbs are drought- tolerant, but sorrel and salad burnet leaves become tough if they go thirsty, so water regularly.

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13. White earthenware indoor bowl planter. Earthenware planters make a stunning herb garden! While its best used inside, the bowl shape of this planter makes it perfect for herb gardening. Grow your favorite culinary herbs year-round in this totally upgraded planting bowl! 14. Cedar pyramid herb planter with 5 levels.

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You can do themed herb container gardens, such as a "pizza" garden or an herbes de Provence container garden. Combine herbs and other edible plants in a pretty basket, or just pick a handful of herbs to put in a nice vase for an herbal bouquet. Many herbs like oregano, sage, rosemary and dill also dry well and can be kept in tightly lidded.

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3. Pick the right pots for herbs . When deliberating growing herbs in pots, gardeners can get overwhelmed by choice. There are pros and cons with unglazed ceramic, wood, metal and plastic, but the one thing you must treat as sacrosanct is this: 'All herbs planted in containers require drainage,' says West Coast Seeds' Emilie Caron.

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Attaching a drip hose or drip irrigation system to a hose or sprinkler system helps to apply water slowly to the soil without disturbing the plants—they even come with timers to automate watering. 5. Don't Overfertilize. Container plants need fertilizer once the organic matter in its potting soil breaks down.

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Light. Mint loves full sun but will thrive in partial shade, too. Water. Water potted mint regularly in hot weather, as the bushy leaves will stop the rain from penetrating the soil. Soil. Mint is not fussy but does best in fertile, loamy, free-draining soil with a pH of 6.0 or 7.0. Over-wintering.

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For a small indoor garden, forget the pots, the soil, and the mess. Plant herbs like basil, thyme, mint, and parsley in water and let them take root. They'll continue growing, you'll always have fresh garnishes on hand, and you never have to worry about pests lurking in soil. Continue to 30 of 30 below. 30 of 30.

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Two Container Herb Garden Combinations. Herbs Growing in this Pot: basil, thyme, oregano, marjoram and cilantro. Visit here to see the two container herb garden combinations to try. 16. Container Tea Herb Garden. Herbs Growing in this Pot: Lemongrass, Melissa, Peppermint, Bilberry, Pennyroyal, Fennel.

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Step 2 - Start planting your herb garden: Add the stones or crock to the bottom of your pots. Mix the perlite and potting mix and add to the pot. Add the seeds or seedling to the pot, pressing the soil lightly to prevent air pockets. Water well and place in a light, sunny spot.

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Higgledy Troughs Water Feature & Planter. Higgledy Troughs Water Feature & Planter. This plant-cum-water feature doubles as an unusual garden ornament. Made from UV- and frost-resistant polyresin, it comes with a water pump. Price: £242.99. Buy the Higgledy Troughs water feature and planter from Primrose.