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Good Chop Pricing. Good Chop offers a medium-sized box for $149 that includes 14lb of meat and a large box for $269 that includes 28lb of meat. Based on that, the medium-sized box averages $10.64 per pound, and the large box $9.60 per pound. Crowd Cow Pricing

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In summary, both Good Chop and Butcher Box have made commendable efforts towards sustainability.⁢ Good Chop stands out with their‍ strong focus on regenerative‌ farming practices and innovative packaging solutions. Butcher Box, on the other hand,⁢ places an emphasis on providing high-quality, antibiotic-free meats. Ultimately, the.

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Large Box, $269. Filed in: Meat. Sales & Events. Shopping. Ingredient. I recently had the opportunity to test what's quickly become my favorite brand of the summer: Good Chop, a flexible meat and seafood subscription service that delivers affordable, high-quality meat and seafood directly to your doorstep every month.

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Enjoy quality meat and seafood from domestic family farms and fisheries with flexible deliveries and 100% customizable boxes. Shop on Good Chop. Visit the Good Chop website to set up a subscription, which can be paused or canceled at any time. You can customize a 14-pound box for $149 or a 28-pound box for $269.

The Wait is Over! ButcherBox Subscription Reopens For New Members

4 boneless pork chops; 2 lbs. (0.9 kg) of ground beef;. ButcherBox may be an especially good option if you regularly eat meat and want to order in bulk or. Butcher Box: $99-$306: free.

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Good Chop: $13.25. Chicken wings (per pound) ButcherBox: $9.39. Good Chop: $8.83. Gulf Shrimp (per pound) ButcherBox: $28.17. Good Chop: $26.50. Overall, Good Chop has slightly better prices across the board, although ButcherBox has better deals and promotions. In our opinion, Good Chop is the better option for consumers who know exactly what.

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Good Chop offers three box size options: A medium box for $149, a large box for $269, or an extra large box for $359—and there are often new-subscriber discounts. The number of portions in each box depends on the cuts you select, but the price per serving can be as low as $3.74. When you subscribe, you can add six cuts to a medium box, 12.

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Good Chop seems like a better value because at Butcher Box a set of 6 2x 10oz Rib Eye Steaks costs $169 flat but the same order with Good Chop only costs $149. 🏆 Winner: Good Chop. Good Chop is about $20 cheaper but you get about the same amount of meat as Butcher Box making it a better value.

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Good Chop vs Butcher Box. Good Chop and ButcherBox are two notable players in the online meat delivery market, offering consumers the convenience of high-quality meat products delivered to their doorstep. To make an informed choice between these two services, it's essential to examine their key features, product offerings, sourcing practices.

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ButcherBox has all grass-fed and grass-finished beef from Australia, while Good Chop has all USDA, US-raised beef with some grass-fed options. ButcherBox has more beef and chicken options, while Good Chop carries more seafood options. ButcherBox has custom and curated boxes, while Good Chop was two sizes for custom boxes.

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ButcherBox's medium box starts out at $169, whereas Good Chop's starts out at just $149. And, ButcherBox's "Big Box" is over $300. Good Chop's Large box is only $269. This equates to ButcherBox's portions being over $5 per serving, and Good Chop's starting out at $3.74 per serving. Plus, Good Chop is currently giving our readers.

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Good Chop. Good Chop is a no-brainer choice whether you're a more cost-conscious customer or looking to try a meat subscription service for the first time. Good Chop is currently offering $120 off across the first four boxes for new customers. Their lowest-priced box starts at $99 -- compare that to ButcherBox's lowest-priced box at $146.

Butcher Box Review, Coupon Code, and Photos of All 12 Meals That I

Good Chop is currently offering $100 off across your first three boxes and free wings for life. If you sign up now, you get free wings with every order for the life of your membership AND $100 off across your first 3 boxes. With this deal, Good Chop's lowest-priced box starts at $99 -- compare that to ButcherBox's lowest-priced box at $146.

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Mixed Box. 8 to 11 pounds of preselected meat, typically a selection of 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, and crate-free pork. $146 a month ($269 for the Big Box) Makes 24 meals (48.

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Flexible deliveries and 100% customizable boxes. Get started. Enjoy delicious, high-quality meat and seafood—delivered.. As a former steakhouse cook and butcher, I find the quality of the meat to be excellent, at a very good price.. to supermarkets or the local butcher. - Jeffrey L. Based on customer reviews on. Subscribe for exclusive.

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Here's where Butcher Box stands out from Good Chop. They're less expensive than Good Chop. I only got 11 pounds of meat in my first Good Chop Box, which breaks down to $9.09/lb. I get more meat at a lower price per pound with Butcher Box. And when this Good Chop discount ends and I have to pay regular price that will be about 10 pounds of meat.